Jun 30

Understanding The Best Time to Post on Social Media

The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Data-Backed Study for the UTC time zone) according to Unamo, is a pretty basic question frequently asked by social media beginners. And this topic has already been covered. There are lots of theories about it, and you can find plenty... read more →
Feb 26

How to design user-friendly web forms

Discover some solutions to help you design forms that won't drive your users away. Despite the evolution of human-computer interaction, forms still remain one of the most important types of interaction for users. People who use your application or site have a particular goal, and often the one thing standing between the user... read more →
Feb 10
Mobile First Index

Mobile First: The New Direction of Indexing on Google

The mobile era has already started. A tremendous revolution took place in 2015 along with the loud Mobilegeddon. Firstly, Google introduced the mobile-friendly update and actually started to consider mobile an important factor in its search algorithms afterwards. Today, we will speak about a different turnover that is a natural... read more →
Jan 23

Hiring A Creative Design Digital Agency

Hiring a creative design digital agency isn’t easy, and there are many potential pitfalls to look out for. My past as an in-house marketer for small businesses and startups as well as corporate means that I have extensive experience in the area of unmet expectations by digital agencies. Fixing HTML... read more →
Jan 20

Simple Tricks to Secure Your WordPress Website

Many times when a WordPress powered website got hacked or when the security got jeopardized, people often direct the blame to WordPress. However, is the truth really so? I would suggest to put a thinker on the safety measures taken when building the website. WordPress, like any other CMS, is... read more →