Apr 03

Which blockchain should you use?

For most developers, the question of whether blockchain will have a transformative effect on their jobs is settled. For those still to be convinced, the very fact that different blockchains are fundamentally networks with protocols for sharing and storing information should indicate how they will reconfigure the internet stack. However,... read more →
Apr 01

Will blockchain change image libraries forever?

Everyone's after a slice of the blockchain pie at the moment: it's like magic fairy dust that you can sprinkle onto any business to make it suddenly look a lot more appealing to investors. Just look at Kodak. No sooner had it announced a plan to do a bit of... read more →
Jun 30

Understanding The Best Time to Post on Social Media

The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Data-Backed Study for the UTC time zone) according to Unamo, is a pretty basic question frequently asked by social media beginners. And this topic has already been covered. There are lots of theories about it, and you can find plenty... read more →
Feb 26

How to design user-friendly web forms

Discover some solutions to help you design forms that won't drive your users away. Despite the evolution of human-computer interaction, forms still remain one of the most important types of interaction for users. People who use your application or site have a particular goal, and often the one thing standing between the user... read more →
Feb 10
Mobile First Index

Mobile First: The New Direction of Indexing on Google

The mobile era has already started. A tremendous revolution took place in 2015 along with the loud Mobilegeddon. Firstly, Google introduced the mobile-friendly update and actually started to consider mobile an important factor in its search algorithms afterwards. Today, we will speak about a different turnover that is a natural... read more →