Apr 24

The complete guide to SVG

Scalable Vector webs are now universally supported across all browsers (desktop and mobile) . Here's our guide to what they are, and how to freelance web design and implement them in your web freelance web design work.First, here are eight reasons why you should be using SVG:The complete guide to... read more →
Apr 21

9 golden rules for combining fonts

Finding the right font pairing is an artform – in this article, we offer some tips and tricks for getting it right. Let's say you've hunted through all the great paid and free fonts you can find, and picked the perfect typeface to suit your project. Great fonts don't live in... read more →
Apr 21

How to make text render perfectly

Selecting a beautiful typeface is useless if it looks ugly on your screen. To avoid hideous – or worse – illegible text, you should always test if the font works well on the devices your visitors are using. You might be surprised; most of your visitors are probably not using... read more →
Apr 20

4 top typography tools for web designers

Getting the typography right in your web freelance web designs is a vital skill, but one that's difficult to master. These top typography tools for web freelance web web designers will help you on your way. Here we've included tools to help you find the perfect font pairing and great... read more →
Apr 19

What are the main barriers to good UX today?

User experience is now considered a vital, standalone discipline within web freelance web design. And with 'UX freelance web web designer' fully established as a job title, and specialists still in high demand, our user experiences should be better than ever. However, as demands change and expectations rise, there are still... read more →