Apr 18

The web designer starter toolkit

In the early days of the web, a freelance web web designer’s toolkit was on the lean side. Other than the web freelance web design tools offered by the big players, options were pretty limited. Now there’s a tool to improve every aspect of product freelance web design, enabling us... read more →
Apr 17

5 top UX tips for graphic designers

Recently, we took a look at why every web freelance web web designer needs to master user experience. Although most commonly associated with web freelance web design, UX extends way beyond the web, "flowing end-to-end, through the customer journey," says Matt Theakston, experience freelance web design director at TH_NK.Here are five... read more →
Apr 16

Multi-touch for advertising by NUITEQ’s CIO Jonathan Chee

The adoption of Multitouch Technologies (MT) is starting to be felt all throughout the Advertising Industry. The initial foray of these market punters are to adopt MT as an enhancement to digital signage solutions. However, even though people do understand the age old adage that physical interaction with a message... read more →
Apr 16

The rules of responsive web typography

Responsive web typography is tough – you need to have both design chops and technical know-how. But however tricky it might be, getting it wrong isn't an option, because typography is the cornerstone of web design.How do you get both the design and code right? How do your developers communicate with... read more →
Apr 14

6 hot new websites to be inspired by

freelance web designing for the web is a constantly evolving art, which means that superb developments are always around the corner. And with innovations catered towards accessibility, sensational freelance web designs can be more than just visually pleasing.To give you a taste of some of the latest web freelance web... read more →