Mar 17

Adobe launches brand-new design tool

Adobe Experience Design, or XD, is announced – a dedicated UX prototyping tool that compete against Sketch. Adobe is targeting UX designers with its brand-new tool released, Experience Design On 15th March 2016, Adobe has revealed a new design tool that it hopes will help designers take user experience to the next level... read more →
Dec 11

WordPress Best Free Plugins for Contact Forms

Discover three easy ways to create WordPress contact forms. Whether you have a simple blog or a complex professionalwebsite, contact pages are a vital element to get right. But WordPress does not offer a built-in solution to create contact pages, so you have to use plugins to create them. In... read more →
Nov 24

Common Mistakes Found with Responsive Mockups

Jeremy Girard of Envision reviews the most common mockup mistakes when designing in RWD. Responsive design is more than just a popular design trend, it's a practical response to the great browsing shift from desktop to mobile. To survive in the current state of the industry, web designers must support... read more →
Nov 02
Oct 30

Push your creative boundaries

[vc_custom_heading text="When Scottish agency Leith turned to French illustrator Thomas Danthony to create a stylish set of images for a new drink-drive campaign for the Scottish government, he happily found himself outside of his comfort zone. He... read more →