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Calvin was an amazing guy to work with. Always ready to help with any request that I had and very patient when I wasn't sure how to edit or change content. He gets things done on time and will be ready to meet whenever I felt the need to. He works really hard to deliver the features I wanted for my site and I am glad that I chose him as my company's web designer.- The Snuggery
We used Calvin's service for tutorial videos for our taxi-sharing solution. He finished tasks within time and specifications. He also proactively contributed suggestions to make our product better.- Aspiring Citizens Cleantech
Calvin joined us in 2012 as our graphic designer supporting our ASEAN regional marketing efforts with his innovative desktop graphic designs and intriguing websites. During his tenure, Calvin has been a valuable member of this team and we thank him for his contributions to our brand building efforts.- Midea Singapore
Calvin had being a professional in SEO and web hosting professional who live up the rapport on being efficient, responsive and the responsible for the job. It is a pleasant experience to have the web related task being put on his hands which are trustworthy and helpful.</p> <p>Thank you, Calvin.- East Chen Consultancy
Calvin and his team's service is phenomenal and extremely responsive. So far he has handled 2 projects for me and I have referred him many other contacts. If you are looking for ethical, professional, fast-turnaround time web design company. Choose Calvin Seng Design! You won't regret!<br /> Melissa Lim<br /> Melissa Lim- Emcee Sharlyn