After a year of beta testing, Stripe is finally officially launched in Singapore. For many people who might not know Stripe yet, it is just like PayPal – an online payment gateway, except for its service fee is lesser than PayPal. Hence, any entrepreneur in Singapore who has an online business can now instantly start accepting payments and the best part, you have more to choose now!

According to Stripe, since their beta launch just last year, they’ve been working with many innovative Singaporean companies to start and scale their businesses. Between subscription companies like Tradegecko and Guavapass, on-demand platforms like Grab,e-commerce startups like Grain and Hipvan, and new kinds of marketplaces like Oddle, more than 50% of venture-backed companies in Singapore are now using Stripe. Not only that, they’ve also worked with global platforms like Shopify, Deliveroo, and Kickstarter to make their services available in Singapore.

Pricing is simple and predictable: 3.4% + S$0.50 per successful charge. Volume pricing is available for businesses at scale.

We are available to help you to make the shift at a fraction of price if you are currently using WooCommerce.

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