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Seamlessly integrate your business on cloud

Regardless of the scale of your business, maximise your sales by selling in–store, online, and on–the–go with our beautifully designed point of sale software and ecommerce solution.

Your data is securely stored in the cloud. Management console is accessible through web browser or any tablet (iOS & Android) only by you with login and password. Be aware of your sales, inventory and finances from anywhere in the world.

Government Assistance Schemes available

Fast and Intuitive Point of Sale System

.POS is built for efficiency and speed when it comes to serving customers. Product inventory is stored locally for lightening fast searching and filtering. The cart has been rewritten in javascript and moved client-side which allows instant feedback when you add, remove or adjust products.

No Recurring Fees

.POS is a self-hosted beautifully designed point of sale software. You own your data with no monthly fees.

Grow Customer On-The-Go

Build your customer database, grow repeat business through built-in Customer Relationship Management.

Accept All Payments

Use any installed WooCommerce gateway. dotPOS makes it easy for you to get paid.

Intuitive Inventory Management

Intuitive product stocktake ensuring you never have too much or too little stock on your shelves.

Barcode Scanning

Besides fast product search, use the barcode hotkey to switch between barcode and normal search.

Multiple Outlets and Stores

Create multiple stores with multiple tax rates and custom receipts under one centralised system.

Your store in your pocket

Keep your finger on the pulse of your online shop for free. With WooCommerce iOS, your shop catalog and performance reports are readily available on your iPhone. Quickly accessible and beautifully presented.

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