Smart Nation Ambassador

Smart Nation Ambassador Learning Portal is a SCORM compliant nation-wide initiative created to assist SNA on their eLearning journey. The Learning Management System is created to manage online courses, enrolments, learning progress tracking and generation of reports. 

Smart Nation Ambassador is one of Singapore’s transformation programmes to become a smart nation. Read more to understand how our customized Learning Management System powers it nation-wide.

The Challenge

Being the first Learning Management System being created and implemented nation-wide in Singapore, the client was pretty clueless regarding the desired outcome. Our team had to guide the client step-by-step throughout the design and development process which lasted a year. 

The biggest challenge that we faced was the integration of learner’s progress and gamification. We had to customize the learning module and achievements module to be able to award the badges according to a learner’s learning progress, especially on the completion of certain courses at certain frequencies.

The Strategy

We leveraged on certain reusable components that we have developed over the years to assist in the development process. However, due to the complexity of the project and the vast data endpoints required to support the deliverables, we had to implement some ready made plugins to work around the tight budget given. 

We also had to implement a load test before the launch as the expected traffic would be high during the launch phases. To assist in the testing, we introduced a testing script via Command Line as part of the automation.

Key Benefits & Results

With a vast 12 years of experience in full stack development, we have delivered a working LMS rolled out to the public with minimal hiccups and bottlenecks faced throughout the implementation journey.

  • Experience. Our team is one of the most experienced in the region when it comes to custom online solution development.
  • Project Management. We manage projects via our internal apps and daily huddle sessions to assure transparency, accuracy and accountability.
  • Development Cycle. Small to Corporate, we have seen it all. We understand the development cycle and what it takes to achieve the end results of each project.