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PayNow SG for Woocommerce

PayNow SG for Woocommerce

Receive PayNow payments without paying transaction fees

Download, Install and Activate the plugin on your Woocommerce powered online shops. Start receiving payments from your customers via dynamically generated PayNow QR code without redirecting them out to third party payment gateways. Your customers can now use any PayNow supported mobile apps to make payments directly to your online stores. No setup cost. No transaction fees. No hidden fees.

0% Transfer / Transaction Fees

See How It Works
Faster Checkout Process

No more redirection

Perfecting your store’s checkout by simplifying the payment process for your customers. Happier experience guaranteed for you and your customers.

eCommerce stores using this plugin is achieving up to 50% faster payment process.

7 day 100% money back guarantee

Does the money go to your bank account directly?

Yes, our plugin doesn’t act as a payment gateway but a means for payment processing, similar to how you are making a PayNow transfer. With a price of a cup of coffee, you can now enjoy 0% Transfer / Transaction Fees.

Does the plugin support PayNow to personal mobile number?

Yes with the release of version 1.0.5 of the plugin, the QR code generated for verified PayNow phone number is supported.

What's the main difference between ours against Omise / HitPay?

Omise and HitPay are payment gateway hence the tendency for a longer registration process and often times a redirection to their website to complete a transaction. Our plugin is just a convenience facility created to facilitate the PayNow transactions. Hence, no redirection to third party is required.

What are the latest compatibility tested?

We have tested for the following stack,
PHP – 7.x, 8.x
Wordpress – 6.0.3
Woocommerce – 7.0

What is the renewal period?

The subscription is renewing annually. Cancel any time on your account before that to stop the next charge.

Succeed in selling online

Say Hello to Profit

Save more on the long run with a price of a cup of coffee. Goodbye per transaction / transfer fees.

Here’s what it means for you

  • No more signing up with third party Payment Gateways
  • No more setting up complex integrations with Payment Gateways
  • Customers stay on your website throughout the checkout process
  • Save more on the long run and keep your profit


$ 99

Per Month
  • Transaction Fees
  • Redirection
  • Auto-populate
  • 1,000 transactions
  • 10,000 transactions
  • $20,000 payments
  • Account Set-up
  • Plugin Set-up
  • All major banks
  • Google Payments
  • PayLah


$ 99

Per Month
  • 0.65% + $0.30
  • Min. $300
  • Min. $3,000
  • Min. $130
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA


$ 99

Per Month
  • 1.00%
  • Est. $30
  • Min. $3,00
  • Min. $200
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA

SG PayNowRecommended

$ 99

Per Month
  • 0%
  • $9.90
  • $9.90
  • $9.90

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