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In this latest update, I am going to share our latest feature developed for e-Commerce Starter Kit mobile apps, supported and recommended by IMDA and SGTech in “Stay Healthy, Go Digital” campaign as a suitable digital solution to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and businesses address business continuity challenges.

With Saved Cards, a premium-only feature, you can streamline the shopping experience further for your customers although our e-Commerce websites already come with this critical element to address the customer’s checkout experience. With a little investment of $16.90 / month, we guarantee you will start seeing improvement on your conversions.

According to Milo (references from Entrepreneur and Comscore), 56% of customers are more likely to pay for your products when they are able to save their preferred payment options.

At least 56% of improved conversion

1. Accelerated Checkout

Extending from your e-Commerce website, easily save and store your customer’s credit card in their mobile app at checkout to increase conversion and grow your sales.

2. Freedom of choice

Allow your customers to choose from a list of their saved credit cards allowing them to choose however they wish to pay.

3. Absolutely Secured with Machine Learning

We have built the app using latest technology and integration with Machine Learning algorithms that automatically learns from Stripe’s global network of businesses to help identify and prevent fraud in real time. What’s more? All saved Cards data will automatically be destroyed upon successful log out / uninstallation to prevent theft.

4. Not using Tokens

Most mobile apps are using saved tokens on every transaction to perform charges on Credit Cards and we are not doing that as this may be overly sensitive once there is a data breach. However, our integration with Stripe with just customer id would do the automated retry on failed charges up to 4 times.

5. Unlimited Saved Cards and Delete on-the-go

Your customers can save unlimited cards and can delete on the go in the mobile app for expired cards before saving a new one, all in one modern, simplified User Interface.

We have made a screencast to show how simplified is the checkout process with Saved Cards.

Start improving your online sales conversions with a small investment.

Check it out now