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How I Started The Internet Business

As Freelance Web Designer and Developer in Singapore

I remembered internet was booming around the year 2008 and I was only familiar with some basic HTML and CSS. At around that time I made a switch from Blogspot to WordPress as I was seeing the future scalability of function blocks in PHP which Blogspot never was able to provide such flexibility in web development and customization.

Freelance web designers are not as common as it is right now. It was also easy to start off my side career as a freelance web designer in Singapore. As time cruises, more people especially students are getting familiar with content management system and branded themselves as freelance graphic designers, freelance web designers and even freelance web developers for those in the IT programming faculty.

Competition got tougher as market was saturated with market spoilers during the time of government subsidized grants such as PIC and ICV in 2015. That was also the time when I scaled up my services from just doing freelance web design and development solutions services into an online business to stand out from the crowd and instil confidence in my customers.

Ready To Take Your Business Online? Enjoy the reliability provided as a company but at freelance web design price.

Since then, my service verticals expanded to offering the results-driven-and-proven online marketing services in Singapore such as SEO, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing and also consultancy in Branding. Our company’s mission is to bring SMEs businesses online.

We want the business owners in Singapore to embrace digital technology and digital marketing as a mean to go global. My team also scaled up from only 1 person to a solid 8 men team that work around the clock  with digitalized systems such as the world’s fastest cloud erp software in Singapore. All processes were almost fully automated and captured through our reliable and user-friendly ERP System.

Throughout the years, I am thankful to my customers who gave me the opportunities to help their business grow online. I have been awarded to work with local MNC as well as big corporates in the industry of technology, infrastructure, property, finance, investments and retails such as Midea, NTUC, ST Engineering, OPPO and more.

If you’re looking for quick results, and are interested in digital marketing coaching, you can apply by going here. My team and I will strategize alongside with you to bring your business online.


If you’re new online or struggling to grow your business online then I’d suggest starting with my free guides by downloading my Online Marketing Coach app.