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Often times when one is using a Content Management System (CMS) for their website, one has forgotten to check on the beautiful permalink (URL) generated.

Though if you are using WordPress, chances are it’s been set to use pretty permalink which is set default out of the box.

Pretty permalink is a feature in WP that helps define the URL and make it readible not just to humans but search engines bots. An example below would show how does a pretty permalink look like.

Without permalink –

With pretty permalink –

One key important note when it comes to SEO is to include keywords into the URL so when the article is being crawled by the bots, they would know how and where to rank you. We would talk more about the how through structural data schema later but for now, pretty permalink is the basis of Search Engine Optimization.

If you are using WordPress then you don’t need to really be concerned about the pretty permalink but perhaps changing your pages / posts titles. To change you simply follow the quick steps below,

Change URL in WordPress for SEO

However if you are using other CMS or HTML, then it would be best you check through the document titles and the hardcoded data in the <header> section.

Alternatively you may also need to define your own details at the .htaccess to automate the process.

Start your SEO journey with pretty permalink today.

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