FUNwedot is a cross-platform social mobile application with features developed similar to Facebook, Instagram and Wechat with a USP of working worldwide (including China).

To date, the social network company has over 100,000 users acquisition, powered by promo-driven campaigns across the world.

The Challenge

FUNwedot social app – an interactive app is primarily used to connect with people. Everything has to be real-time…The social news feed, instant text and audio messaging between users, activity notifications, voice and video calls and more.

The company’s vision is to become a global app where there is no restrictions in countries (I.e., Microsoft is not functional in China). We have used Ionic framework to build the app alongside with Firebase Realtime Database.

People might be wondering will Firebase still work in the Great China Firewall? The answer is no but the key in the challenge was we have successfully developed a solution that does the job.

The Strategy

The team evaluated various requirements and chose to use Ionic due to the market readiness to launch a true global mobile app and functional dependancies available. We further our development using Google’s Firebase, REST APIs and reusable products that were developed by us before to achieve the connectivity between the world and within China end-to-end in less than 90 days.

Key Benefits & Results

With our reusable products, we successfully brought FUNwedot app to market quickly, and has released approximately 20 versions of the app since its initial deployment. Other benefits include:

  • Efficiency. Our team leverages fastest growing framework – Ionic to deliver a modern app with the most cost effective solution for delivering to both platforms, enabling our customers to meet their lofty goals: the frequent release of new, high-quality features.
  • Support. Our team supports the FUNwedot team regularly, and assuring the mobile app features consistently kept up to date.
  • Scalability. The framework we developed enabled the team to support two separate codebases and scale as quickly as was needed. Our app developers are armed with the tools needed to maintain the volume of features and functions, and maintain the speed required for this app to be successful.
  • Time savings. With our ready reusable technologies, we halved the required time for a complex app delivery.