RealtyFlow v1.0

RealtyFlow is a web development toolkit designed to successfully launch a Property Microsite within 48 hours. It is especially effective for new real estate that targets Top Visibility in Google. Proven results applied across over 10 microsites in 2020/2021.

The Challenge

Property / Real estate new launches is a niche, heated, highly competitive space. We have created this microsite web development toolkit to assist in overcoming the quick turnaround challenges faced as well as a performance-oriented approach in content management, photos upload and highly optimized SEO friendly website which could get ranked organically in the fastest possible manner on Google searches.

The Strategy

The team leveraged on our existing web design framework and created a subset of templates and modules tagged within the framework to launch the web app. We further implemented a CI/CD process flow to attain the desired optimization for a successful rollout.

Key Benefits & Results

With RealtyFlow, a Property agent, Real Estate agencies can roll out a new Property / Real Estate microsite quickly in accordance to new condo launches and get ranked fast on Google searches. Other benefits include:

  • Affordability. The property microsite web development has been packaged in a lean and fast approach where we can deploy it quickly at an affordable rate which has a proven success record.

  • Speed. The website is highly optimized out of the box and runs on an ultra fast dedicated VPS with Page and Object Cache enabled.
  • Scalability. The framework we developed enabled the users to manage content, upload photos, and update floor plans easily with built-in visual aids. Aside from that as the framework is running on a modularized approach, one can scale up accordingly based on the new properties required.

  • Results-oriented. With a proven success in ranking on page 1 Google searches, we can assure the success of your website visibility.