Paradigm Technologies

Paradigm Technologies envision to helping the customers succeed and grow in what they do best – provide customized solution to enhance the efficiency and productivity of a company’s development and production operation.

From “Build to Print” to “Design & Build”, their services have proven themselves across a diverse range of industries. Since inception, the company has grown to become a competence outsourcing partner. They have also developed competence in the areas of providing services for Design and Production.

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The Challenge

Tight Deadline! That was the first thing the client highlighted when approached us. We drilled more onto the requirements and 5 days were given to build the website as an audit was pressing in and the client really needed a revamp for their outdated web.

We outdone ourselves in the website delivery within 72 hours using our WordPress framework to ensure utmost quality in web design, security and latest SEO and mobile practises.

Doesn’t believe that’s a possible feat using WordPress for web development? Check out the outcome yourself.

The Strategy

The team evaluated the client’s requirements very carefully as the time given is very tight. Hence, we deployed our in-house WordPress framework the next day to speed up the web design and development delivery without further hesitation right after we had a call with the client.

Key Benefits & Results

With our in-house WordPress framework, we successfully reduced the web development time up to 90% as compared to other web design practises (even those with WordPress) with exemplary records across the past 2 years. Other benefits include:

  • Efficiency. Our team is well-trained with the WordPress framework as it comes loaded with SEO optimized theme, layout and components.
  • Speed. Our team supports the FUNwedot team regularly, and assuring the mobile app features consistently kept up to date.
  • Reusability. The framework we developed enabled the team to support two separate codebases and scale as quickly as was needed. Our app developers are armed with the tools needed to maintain the volume of features and functions, and maintain the speed required for this app to be successful.
  • Quality. With our ready reusable technologies, we halved the required time for a complex app delivery.