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Learn Google Analytics Integration in WordPress today with free plugins like Google Analytics by Yoast, WP Google Analytics and etc.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that tracks your website and generates detail statistics about the traffic and audience’s behaviour in a wide range of selection in the options. This information may serve as a tool to improve your sales, generate views, and even bringing your website to higher rank in Google search engine!

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Why choose Google Analytics?

Firstly, it’s FREE if we are not using the premium features! Many other similar services need you to pay in order to use them. Secondly, the fact that it is from Google, provides ultimate convenience and security as long as you have a Gmail account. Thirdly, its integration to WordPress does not require any coding background, because it is as simple as pasting the Google Analytics ID number into the plugin or theme in WordPress. Apart from that, almost all SEO/Analytical plugins available are constructed with Google Analytics in mind. So there is really no need to worry about the integration at all.

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Google Analytics Setup in WordPress

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Google Analytics Overview